hello hifi earthlings.

Hi all,

Here are news on my side, started week ago with:

  • RiPi 2,
  • Mamboberry LS DAC+ powered with separate very low noise 25VA power supply.
    On Amp side, I am equiped with Marantz PM-75 and ReVox speakers Symbol B MKII. Sound is mmmm crisp.

Except saying hello to all and of course nice to meet you, I am bit discouraged with Volumio??? stability, (running latest version of Volumio 2).
:arrow_right: Spotify plugin is soooo bugy (especially in hi quality streaming mode) and works only occasionally, several clicks and may be just maybe I can make it work.
:arrow_right: Cannot switch from Web Radio to Spotify or Nas. need first to press stop , only then new source would play the song.
Just clicking to another song in another source from my library wont work. Automatic switch between libraries is no worky.
:arrow_right: Volume mixer doesn’t work.
Since my friend have same RiPi setup , he experienced same problems , maybe we are doing something wrong ?

is it really like this for everyone? Hmmm. :unamused: My expectations are wrong or?


Hi exoticatom,

welcome to Volumio.

Would you like to raise these issues in an appropriate forum please? It makes it much easier for people to notice and respond.