Hello from the UK

Hi everyone

Leigh here, 40 something music fan here and also part-time radio presenter and all-round techy nerd.

Built myself an audio player on my Raspberry Pi2 using a Raspiaudio DAC on top and it’s working nicely using Volumio.

Feeding the Aux In of my Sony CMT NE7ZZ DAB Compact Hifi (oddly quite a good compact unit that Sony stopped making) and Denon speakers in my lounge.

Kitchen will have another Pi with Volumio on it and, once I’ve gotten my head around it, working alongside the lounge Pi and some form of server in the house too.

No real want to upgrade anything just yet as I have one very large digital music collection to organise.


Hi, could you point me out which setting in the volumio i2s dacs you used for the raspiaudio dac?