Hello from the UK!

Santa bought me a slice of Pi! :smiley:

I’ve got it running with Volumio fine - great instructions!!

I’m currently streaming Internet Radio, and have a wireless adapter on the way this week.

I have my iTunes library on a second drive in my PC. I’m currently working on whether I need a NAS to stream this to the Pi, or direct Volumio to that location via the network. The final implementation would be to stream ALAC files to my TDA1541A DAC (DIY build) while controlling it all from my Android tablet. If I can output I2S directly into the DAC, then WOW! But USB to SPDIF will have to do… :wink:

Thanks to all involved in this project - works a treat so far!!!


Hi Jon and welcome onboard (really a word trick ehehe)

You can just add your itunes folder with a shared folder to you network, and you’ll be able to mount it as a samba share…

From what I know the TDA1541A should work directly connected, because it doesn’t need an external clock… But I may remember wrong,
in any case enjoy your music!

Thanks for the welcome, Michelangelo!

The project moves on. I have a NAS now, and can almost see it in Volumio. I’ll post my queries in the other section, but very near to having my iTunes streaming as I want them to…

All the best