Hello from the Netherlands

Hello Volumio community,

my name is Niels, 34 years old and I have been using Volumio for quite a while. My setup includes two second-hand B&O type 6513 speakers with an old Onkyo stereo amplifier, and recently I upgraded the setup by adding a Jamo J112 sub woofer. I have Volumio installed on an old netbook with two usb jitter bugs and via a usb-dac connected to the amplifier. The netbook has locally stored flac files, and I use raspberry pi as a nas (and web server/git repository) for other music files.

I want to get rid of the netbook and make a standalone rpi music player. I am reading a lot about raspberry hats like hifiberry, boss, kali reclockers, separate linear power supplies etc. I find it quite hard to get the full picture of “the best budget setup” and probably it all depends on the output system, music style you prefer, taste, hearing, and there is always a better option. I am not skilled enough to dare and solder anything custom to raspberry board so I am looking for an easier solution that is still worth it. I think I narrowed it down to the kali+piano 2.1 hats and a proper power supply which is available on this web shop. Ready to order and by doing that I hope to also support the Volumio project.

cheers and happy listening!

Hoi Niels,

Welkom aan boord!

A sound system is obviously always quite subjective, I’m quite happy with my Boss DAC, but I must admit that the Sabre V3 also performs quite well in my opinion. I wanted the Sabre because if the matching (awesome) case. However, I’ve been been anxious to try something like Jago did (look it up in projects).

Anyways, there’s lots and lots to learn on the forum, so quench your thirst for knowledge :wink:


Thanks, there is so much choice! :slight_smile:

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