Hello from The Netherlands

Hi everyone!

Just want to quickly introduce myself to you. I am Rens, living and working in the Netherlands, and started using Volumio after reading about the Raspberry Pi. I tried out several music players before but found Volumio to be the most user-friendly and complete (my wife and kids can even handle the player!). I encountered a few bugs in the Spotify plugin and in the play-back of albums, which triggered me to create an account on this forum and post some comments.

Looking forward to the updates and thanks for all the nice work!

Hi Rens, & welcome :slight_smile:.

Hoi Rens, welkom!

Please do tell us about your experiences, it can only improve the software. :slight_smile:

Hoi Saiyato,

Thanks for your stimulating comment! I posted my feedback here: albums-not-playing-t7393.html#p41989
Let me know how I can help.