Hello from Switzerland

Hi all,

greetings from Switzerland :slight_smile:
I got to know volumio by chance, here the story.
During this Christmas holidays I got a new pair of Dali zensor 1 and a audioengine D1 dac. From the beginning I looked for a way to stream the music to the system. As amplifier I use a home-made amplifier based on a TPA3116 and a 3D printed case. All together these components sound great. I am at the third day of run-in of the speakers but they sound already very good.
I was reading about streaming the music to the amplifier and I found out about volumio. I installed it on an old raspberry pi (I have also a banana pro but I guess the installation there would be more tricky even if I am myself a software developer) and since the beginning it worked perfectly. I attached also my NAS to it and I started to save all my old CDs to FLAC on it. I am very pleased :slight_smile:
Maybe I will ask/read about the installation on the banana pro and if it makes sense to do it since it appears that the old raspberry pi works perfectly.
Bye for now and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Hi Ivan,
Welcome, pi is definitely easier as there is no support for banana pro :wink: