Hello from Spain

I´m very interested in this new way of DIY music player. I don´t know very much about coding, but I think I have great ideas to share with other people to get a more interesting products and community.

I hope enjoy with people this awesome OS.

Hello everybody

At the first, and the most important, excuse for my english. Here in Spain always have been a problem with the languages…

i’m absolutly new in this world, not in audiophile World, but newbie in DIY world. Today i have received my first “pack”, is to say, a RPI3, and Piano+Kali Reclocker. I’m going tu use my new “machines”, like a music server, using Volumio and connected to an Tube Amp, concrete, an EL34 Prima Luna Prologue One. I’m looking for leave de CD world and go into the Digital Music World.
In the next days, i will try to test all the components and, write of course an deep analisys of all.

Greetings to all.