Hello from Siegen / Northern Rhine / Germany

Just let me say hello to all the nice people around.

My name is Frank. I am an EE working in a sales department of a company with a big, green S in the name.
Besides programming industrial plcs, and now supporting those device my private “midnight science” consists of
building audio equipment in a traditional analog way using tubes, transistors and op-amps.

Born in the early 60s i saw the dawing of the tube age and the advent of transistorized equipment as well as
nowadays, as digitalization reaches into every aspect of live, it is inevitable to deal with digital audio.

To get the most of it and at an affordable price this nearly automatically leads towards
readily available hardware modules as the Raspberry Pi and -of course- Volumio as audio software.

I use Volumio since Version2 on a Raspberry Pi Zero W that is connected to a Behringer XENYX 302USB audio interface.
The analog main out of the 302 goes to either a DIY opamp-based headphone amp or a small DIY tube amp.
The 302 also has a headphone output equipped with rather capable opamps. So driving lo-Z headphones
directly is quite ok for me.

Besides Volumio i also installed a UPNP server and the inofficial Spotify Connect plugin which hopefully will find it’s way to the official plugin list.

My music resides on a nas in my network.

As a second system, for portable use, i employ another Raspberry Pi Zero W with a standard Volumio2 installation.
Music then resides on the internal memory card. Output is a Soundblaster Play3 USB soundcard.

So, that’s about it. Seeing forward to meet you in polite and wealthy discussions.

Hi Frank, welcome to Volumio & the forum. Enjoy the experience :slight_smile: