Hello from Oregon, USA

Hello everybody, I’m in Beaverton, Oregon USA. I spent some time in 2020 with Volumio, but gave up. I’m trying now again to install Volumio on a Minix mini-computer with an i5 processor. Plenty (too much) of power. I’m sure I’ll have questions.
Cheers, Alex Mitaru

Hello and welcome back :grinning:

Hello I submitted a bug in the “Help Center” over 10 days ago and haven’t heard anything back; maybe I made a mistake submitting it…
Any ideas ?

Thank you, Alex

Maybe we can help, what is the issue?

Thank you Wheaten, well, I sumitted a bug with the log file in the “Help Center”…can you see it ?? The symptom was that when the iPad Volumio app tries to connect to the server it gets stuck towards the end and it doesn’t finalize its initialization.
Thanks, Alex

Unfortunately no access to Jira.

Please look into this.


Here Davide from tech support.
Sorry for that!
Nothing was received as ticket request

Maybe something went wrong on request submission

Please reach me directly to this address:
support at volumio dot org
And give me all the details of the encountered issue

I’ll be back to you shortly