Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello, I’m an IT industry veteran who has a lifelong amateur audiophile bent.

I am refreshing my audio system with Elac Uni-Fi speakers while keeping my sub-woofer and analogue-only receiver. I have started an experimental project to use Room EQ room audio analysis software to create equalization parameters that will be loaded into the Allo Piano 2.1 DSP firmware section. My expectation then is to extend the simple main/subwoofer crossover function to add in equalization for at least the subwoofer. This will smooth out the significant room modes I see at certain frequencies such as 25.6, 51 and 76.7 Hz. This will provide even better sound from Volumio and Allo!

All the best

Hi Tony,

Welcome on board, keep us posted on your project, love to hear more about it.
If you have any inquiries, just ask and someone will probably be able to help. :slight_smile: