Hello from my car

Okay, not actually from my car yet, but I plan to set up a Raspberry Pi in my car to have access to my entire music library.

So far, I’ve just been testing it as an iTunes replacement in my house. I can reliably control Volumio through Firefox on OS X and Windows, as well as MPDroid or PMix on Android. The thing that isn’t so reliable is getting Volumio to recognize my USB hard drive. The trick seems to be to wait a long time and check back later - not acceptable for the car!

Now I see that there are similar problems with Volumio and SMB shares. Has anyone tried using a pair of Pis - one as NAS, the other as Volumio? I’ve tried setting up SMB on OS X 10.9 but it seems like Apple has screwed up SMB in the latest release.

I should be able to power everything from a USB battery pack or two - this one allows simultaneous charging and discharging. The internal 18650 cells can even be upgraded to larger capacities. If I remember to pause playback when I shut down the car, I wonder how long the Pi’s will stay powered without draining the car battery.

Enough rambling, hello!