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Hello Guys,

Since two and a half years I’m now using a Raspberry Pi 2 as a multimedia player (started with OpenELEC, later LibreELEC, now OSMC) but I was always not happy about the audiophile capabilities and the missing ease of use . So I decided to test several music player on RasPi basis. I tested RuneAudio, Moode Audio, PiCorePlayer, Max2Play amongst others. Now I seem to have found what I was looking for: Volumio!

In the mean time I bought two more RasPis (3), one with IQaudIO PiDigiAmp+ and Waveshare 7 inch touch display and one just with case and power supply. The first one is going to be my bathroom radio (I’m really sick of the permanent ads on radio over the air) and the second one will replace my old RasPi as OSMC device. The old Pi will be used as a audiophile music player (audio output via USB connected to a Lake People RS06.

So far I can say I love Volumio! The only thing I’m missing a bit is the Qobuz integration (yes I read the lengthy thread… :wink: ) even if it is possible to use BubbleUPNP to hear music from Qobuz using Volumio.

My questions I will post in another area of the Forum.

Thanks a lot for all your work and support!

Best Regards,


Herzlich Wilkommen Martin! :slight_smile:

I trust any questions you have will be answered on the forums.

Hello Saiyato

Thanks for the warm welcome.

To be honest, I doubt that I’ll get any answers as my two threads

How to add pictures to radio stations


Overheating Issue RasPi 3 with Pi-DigiAmp+ and Pi-Case+

were already pushed to the second page of the help forum without being answered…



Au contraire my friend, I see they have been answered. You must remember it’s all open source and charity work here :wink:
Some reactions take time, you can try to bump a thread after some time (not a few days obviously), especially if it’s really pressing.