hello from London UK

Hiya guys

I’m an old fart who lives in London and I have been music addict since preteens. I’ve been without music now for a few years and I’m finally getting my system sorted out. Now I have discovered Volumio as a good music server and getting to enjoy the digital side on music including the Ripped CDs which sound better than the original cds?!?! I’ve got a few questions but hopefully I will put them in the right places. BTW My system consists of Linn Isobariks, Krell amp, Linn LP12, smsl DAC and a Raspberry Pi :smiley:

My other addiction is GPL. Grand Prix Legends may be a few years old but by gum it is absolutely fantastic. If you’re​ into car racing simulations give it a go as it costs pennies and all the add-ons are free. You can find out more about it at srmz.net Yes, I’m linked to that site but it is totally non profit and free just for fans. :wink:

Another masochistic GPL addicted here… What a game !!! :wink:

You too? :laughing:

BTW thanks for volumio. Lovely software.