Hello from Lisboa

Hello guys,

I come from Lisbon and I want to introduce myself. I am 31 and enjoy music a lot.

I discovered Volumio and this forum when I read somewhere about a mini pc called Raspberry that could be used in many ways, specially as an audio device. I don´t consider myself an audiophile because what I really like is the music.

So, what I am looking for… I wanted to know if the Raspberry PI + Digi+ or Raspberry PI + Dac+ could be a solution and let me avoid paying 300 euros on a stand-alone DAC. I intend to set-up the Raspberry on my new living room and improve the sound. I connect my phone or ipod directly to the integrated amplifier.

Also read that this Raspberry PI solution was used in really high-end setups so I imediatelly gave it some credit. If it works for them why shoudn´t it work for me?

Bearing this in mind I come to absorve some of your opinions and expertise.