Hello from Lavia

I currently started regularly use Volumio and I think it is time to introduce myself. I’ m electronic engineer and my hobbies are electronic and music collection. I currently built for me a media player with two processor boards, for video using Kodi on Odroid C2 and for audio using Volumio on Raspberry Pi 1B. Both share same isolated DAC on PCM5122. I used this configuration because switching from video to audio in Kodi is not very handy, in this way i have both systems running and can switch in any time.
I program in assembler for DSPic and AVR micro-controllers but have no experience with C or Linux.
My favorite music styles are country, German schlager and 80ties disco music.
I’m 52 years old and live in Latvia, and read in Latvian, English, Russian and German.

Hi mate, quite the languages you speak, love it! I too use Kodi for video, but I wrote a plugin to have it run on top of Volumio, which worked for me. The only thing is, a Pi1 (or 0/zero) isn’t too powerful, but my Pi2 and 3 run perfectly. I use the DAC for Volumio and HDMI throughput for Kodi.

Anyways, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: