Hello from India

Volumio on Cubietruck is the latest love of my life.

I have always been a music buff and when I got my Marantz Amp plus Monitor Audio system, I hit the next wall: how to feed it good quality music which would fill my home up. Phone, ipod etc just sounded lifeless.

So I thought of setting up a media centre, and then after some research came across Volumio.

Volumio for Cubietruck sounded the best deal to me. CT has optical out and Volumio also supports optical out by default. So I figured that if I could add a Schiit Modi optical DAC, my system would be as good as a budget audiophile system gets. The only issue is that Schiit is not available in India. Working on that.

However, coming back to Volumio on CT, with the inbuilt DAC has been a joy since the first beat through the system. It sounds bit perfect, has excellent sound stage, and the music is as neutral as can be. I have a bit perfect player on my MBP through an Audio Technica Headphone and even Mac’s sound is coloured. But I have found Volumio to be just perfect.

I am loving every moment of it. I have started buying CDs and ripping them in flac for superior audio quality.

Huge thanks to the Volumio team and community for making my life so much musical. I wake up every morning, turn the audio on, sip some coffee, and there couldnt be a better start to the day.