Hello from Hastings, England.

Hello all,

I have loved music since I can remember. I am lucky enough/old enough, to have been a teenager in 1977, so was the perfect age to enjoy the punk explosion in the UK. I was an avid John Peel listener and continued to listen until his very sad and untimely death. I listen to all musical genres; if I enjoy it I listen, it’s that simple.

I have just built an Pi3 with a IQ Dac+, and am trying to get it to work on my music system using Volumio. I downloaded the Volumio software from the IQ site. It loads as far as the Volumio login, then gets to the line: CRDA to update world regulatory domain. It tries several attempts at this, then says: Exceeded CRDA call max attempts, not calling CRDA.

I am new to all this, so wondered if anybody out there could help, or has had a similar problem, and found a fix? :question:

It looks like IQAudio has a really old release of Volumio 2. You will want to download the latest version here:


And make sure to check for updates after you get up and running as there’s still a lot of changes occurring.