Hello from Germany

Hello everybody,

I live in Frankfurt, Germany and spent a lot of time testing solutions to feed my digital (USB/optical/coax) Denon PMA-1600NE amp. I have only Windows devices around to control, so there is a lack of useful audio apps. Having a nice web frontend seems the best option and I am very happy with Volumio so far. I tested it with an RPi3 and ordered a Mini86 now.

I am looking forward to interesting discussions and further progress on the project.


Hello from San Diego, California.

I would appreciate confirmation that RPi3 Volumio was able to detect your PMA-1500NE via USB. I’d also appreciate your opinion of the PMA-1500NE as I’m very interested in purchasing this model amplifier.


Hello Marc,

my Amp is the PMA1600NE. Honestly, I cannot tell if your 1500 is compatible, but I had no problem at all connecting Volumio on a Pi3 via USB!