Hello from Germany, Munich area

Hello together,

my name is Erwin and I am new to the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black area.
I use several Squeezebox devices in my house, but want to replace them in future with some DIY- devices.
First step was to use a Raspberry Pi , a HiFi Berry DAC and a 7" tuoch Display, all togehter work very well.
Next step will be to design my own SBC board based on open source i.MX6 HW and design my own I2S DAC which will be connected to that board.
As my business is to design pcbs, the HW part will not be an impossible big issue, but I have no glue of the SW. :laughing:
So I hope to find someone who might be willing to support me being able to run Volumio on that device some day.
The project is a private, non commercial project and therefore will take at lest 6 month before HW will be available for playing around.

Best regards

Hallo aus München zurück :slight_smile: