Hello from France

Hello from France.
Electronic Engineer playing around with volumio.
Riding Harley Davidson VRod and thinking of building a harley music player.
Riding in the french country side listening to the rolling stones is a real must, specially with JM Speakers
Amplified Handlebar speakers from JM Audio - They sound really good.
By the way, my initials are JM …
I’ll keep you informed on this project …
In the meanwhile, I have:
PI3 + KALI + Piano2.1 + 7Inch Touch Screen for home Hifi System
Upgraded to the March 2017 version but after upgrade, lost my nas shares and ssh terminal connection.
Flashed directly to the last version - Shares OK - Ssh OK but the touch screen plugin f***ed up the system.
Doesen’t boot anymore… Seems that there is a problem with the image or the plugin.
Tried again but same result.
Some advice from Angelo is welcome
Long life to volumio and harley riders.

Holy moses, Volumio as a music player on a VRod? :astonished:
Thought that was more for a Gold Wing rider :mrgreen:
Just a joke, welcome to this forum.

Yes, the touch screen issue has been noticed as an RPi repo issue, hopefully being taken care of soon.

– Gé –