Hello from Concord, Ca

Hello Everyone,

I have known Volumio for quite sometime now. My current setup, RP3 B+ I2S hardwired into Buffalo 3SEPlus DAC into a tube output. I am quite happy with my setup, but I do have a simple problem. My RP3 is powered from the DAC power supply, and the whole system has a simple power switch. The problem is that the RP3 has to shutdown first before the DAC. I can shutdown RP3 from Volumio, then turn off the DAC. What I wanted to do is to it automatically, meaning, after shutting down RP3 from Volumio, if I can get a signal from RP3 signifying that its off, it could trigger(or untrigger) a relay to shutdown the whole system. So, is there a GPIO pin that goes high when turn on and turn low when volumio is shutdown? This signal can activate/deactivate a relay.

Anyway, if anybody has any idea how to deal with this, I would appreciate it.


I think there is no pin witch is set to high value when volumio runs. You must write scipt which set pin after start (inspiration is here github.com/Saiyato/volumio-audi … off-plugin).