Hello from Canada -- Volumio -- I'm lovin' it

Hi All, My name is Kelly and I am a 50 year old Canadian. I am an Electronics Engineer / Technician and have a passion for audiophile grade systems. Designing and building my own audio gear, keeping myself actively engaged in digital music playback since the mid 90’s has been a bit of a challenge as most of the solutions just don’t quite measure up. I have auditioned quite a few external Dac’s over the years but was disappointed with the PC audio solution offerings. Recently the light came on for me and I discovered that Windows has been holding me back. I discovered Volumio while researching audiophile PC solutions and after buying a PI-3 and loading Volumio, have bee absolutely astounded by what I have heard. I have done side-by-side comparisons with my SACD and am finally happy with my digital play experience. I absolutely love this system but of course, here comes the recommendation regarding an interface change that I would love to see. It would be nice if you could choose an appearance view where the playback controls and the Enqueue list could be seen simultaneously with the list on the left side.
Thanks for listening to me and happy listening to Volumio.