Hello from Bucharest

I am Dragos. Living in Bucharest, Romania. My system is powered now by a netbook running Volumio 2. Better than foobar2000, i can tell for sure. Usb is going to Breeze Audio XMOS, Rega Dac, Naim Nait 5i2, Opera Prima Speakers.
Now i want to make a dedicated single board pc as a source, but i have a few options and i cannot decide. Raspberry pi 3 b, i have read about compatibility issues. Raspeberry pi 2? Odroid C2, i have read about dropouts. UDOO x86? Beaglebone black? They are not expensive, but i don’t want to buy them all. And they run either on 5v or 12v. Any recommendations?

Hi dragos. Welcome to Volumio & it’s forums.

Since you have a USB DAC, this is what I recommend:

If you want to try an excellent combination on Raspberry PI (reclocker + dual mono capable DAC):

Thank you. The mini86 looks amazing.