Hello from Brest/Belarus

Few days ago I found the great world of digital audio player based on RPi. It is amazing. I’ve tried different builds but decided to stay with Volumio. It is more user friendly I can say :slight_smile:. I will continue my experiments and will try to help you to make it better :slight_smile:)) Nice work!!!

I found some problems with third party plugins so far :frowning: Youtube plugin don’t want to play 90% of content. Spotify plugin crash and don’t want to uninstall. I will try to contact authors and find the causes.

But one more time thanks for your project!!!

I have just found great Documentation for Volumio!
And even more :slight_smile:)))))))))))))) that it is based on NodeJS + AngularJS
I’m a Salesforce/Python/NodeJS developer with few years AngularJS skills and Raspberry Pi is my hobby.
Volumio is great opportunity to me to spend my free time :slight_smile:))))))))))

Welcome dmnBrest, glad that you’re enjoying the experience so far :slight_smile:.

Yes, for plugins definitely best to start with the plugin’s author.

I’m sure that any contributions would be very welcome. Please check out the Github site if you haven’t done so already :wink: