Hello from Bielefeld, Germany

Hi all
I’m joining this forum after getting my first Volumio installation up and running: Allo Boss DAC on a Raspi 3B +. An easy set up for a start to get my feet wet and see if it fits my needs. Although I have nothing to compare, I’m really impressed by the features and the intuitive UI. On the other hand it was a partly bumpy ride due to some stability issues, which run against one of my requirements: Family compatibility, i.e. permanent accessibility via Airplay and Spotify Connect. Please don’t get me wrong: No complaining here! I’m highly motivated to get to the ground of the crashes, but this is better placed in a new thread.

Other than that I have to admit that I’m still in love with my still growing vinyl collection, but of course I also value good sound on digital and streaming media. This is what brought me here in the first place: I’m trying to cut my Google dependencies as good as I can - not dogmatically, rather in a pragmatic approach. Replacing my Chromecast with Volumio seems like step in the right direction, with the added benefit of fun and better sound.