hello from austria.

hey ya

by accident i stumbled across this wonderful Project.i m a programmer. in my freetime a record collector first and a dj second. have a huge love for Music (dub, triphop, rare groove, psychedelia, bass heavy Sound) have tons of vinyl and a huge flac library und do bedroom-djing occasionally.

rerolling my whole Audio Setup at home currently.

was using 1 mini-itx pc with Windows, Traktor and ableton in the past. the box was hooked up to a m-Audio fast track pro, Traktor Audio 6 and akai lpd8. it was a dedicated dj machine, at the same time media renderer in the Network and Network share. but i also have a rasp pi with openelec hooked to my tv. since i dont watch tv anymore and only listen to Music in my freetime i wanna use this pi with the m-Audio fast track pro with volumio.
i also ordered a thecus n2310 and 2x 3TB toshiba HDd’s for Raid1.
the old mini itx Windows machine will get Traktor scratch and the Traktor Audio 6. it will also permanently listen/record on my Mixers recording channel and upload a 256kbit mp3 file to dropbox every 6 hours. so ist purpose is solely for dj’ing and recording.

I AM SO HOPING FOR OUT OF THE BOX FUNCTIONALITY WITH THE PI AND MY M-AUDIO FAST TRACK PRO USB SOUNDCARD. just downloaded the Image. anyone made any experience with this Hardware so far? Debian on my Desktop pc recognises the soundcard and i can run it in 24bit 96khz mode there using jackd.

which kernel does volumio use??
does volumio Support multiple Sound channels ? can i also record using volumio and fast track pro (has 2in and 4out) ?
and further does volumio Support recording to my NAS? which Problems am i goin to run into? i know SSH and Telnet!volumio is cli-only right ?

i am so so looking Forward to realising this Project!
in the past i was running:
mythtv dvb-c box renderer/Recorder baxckend with mythtv frontends and xbmc frontends
foobar2000 Sound renderer with webinterface
and lately this dj machine/nas/mediarenderer amalgation
Splitting it up now:
volumio + m-Audio fast track pro as headless Audio renderer
thecus n2310 3TB raid 1 as headless NAS
mini-itx pc + Traktor Audio 6 as dedicated DJ machine


got fm4 running

24bit 44,1khz