Hello everyone


I’m new here so I’d like to introduce myself quickly. My name is Victor, and I live in Switzerland. Quickly after buying my first Raspberry Pi I have fallen in love with these little devices, and I’m still amazed about what they can do.

I stumbled upon Volumio while looking for a way to connect my 20 year old Linn Classik system to my MinimServer-based music library and to my TIDAL subscription. And to the music on my iPhone and who knows what. Volumio on my Raspberry Pi allows me to do all that with surprisingly good audio quality and negligible power consumption!

As I am what most would consider an audiophile, audio quality is my highest priority. I deliberately avoid the use of the word ‘sound’ here because I think a good HiFi setup should have no ‘sound’ at all - it should merely reproduce music as naturally as possible and stay out of its way. Therefore, I will continue to tweak my current setup in order to find the best possible music experience.

Hi Victor, welcome to Volumio :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

I’still finding my feet… One thing I haven’t got working yet is subscriptions. They’re stored in my UserCP, but I don’t get any notifications. I have already ruled out spam filters or a mistyped email address, so I don’t really understand what’s going on here. Is there some place to enable emails?