Hello Everybody

I am thinking to use volumio like liquid music player like alternative to my IPOD with “rockbox” software-

Hi Massimo, welcome to the forums.

Are you going to use Volumio as a mobile device?

Thank you.
I try answer you and I hope to understand your question.
Actually I use my IPOD 5.5 with Rockbox connect to my amp in my hifi system not as a mobile device.
I think to buy a raspberry PI card and install on it Volumio.

Massimo, this is what you’re going to have:

  • Get a pi3, with an I2S DAC of your choice (very important to have good sound)
  • Connect the PI3 to your wireless network and the i2s dac to your hifi
  • You can then navigate to volumio.local from any browser and play your music, which can be on USB hard disk, NAS or spotify
  • If you have apple devices you can use airplay

see our user manual

Hi Michelangelo,
Thank you for your suggestion.
About play music, I have a Verbatim NAS that I cannot connect to pi3 with a network cable.
Can Volumio play music storage in my NAS using wireless connection?
Unfortunately my hifi system is in the same room of my pc station but I cannot reach it with a network cable.

pi3 has wifi connection so sure you can.

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1 more music source: 500 streaming radio allover the world. I love radio.
I have one question: does spotify plugin support free account? before I can play from spotify with free account but spotify bans IP from Viet Nam. I need to setup VPN but before that I would like to make sure I can use free account.

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No, it requires a premium account sorry…