Hello and Greetings Everyone!

I’m Shadders. I love technology and music.
My Allo USBrige Sig Play should be arriving soon and my OS of choice was Volumio.

Why do I love music? It’s food for the soul, it plugs directly into emotions. Have you ever listened to some music and got goose bumps? The hairs on the back of your neck rising? When it happens it’s sublime, it’s like a drug.

Why Volumio?
Well, for a Linux noob like me, it seems one of the easest to setup and offers a web interface.
The forums look like they are populated by nice people too :slight_smile:

Current setup:
Speakers: Kralk Audio TDB-12 monitors. For a resonable fee from Kralk, I got the corssovers upgraded. Mundof MCaps, Audio Gold resistors, sheilded coils and speaker cable for the internal wiring.
Amp: Atoll IN300. Dual mono layout. Very pleased with it and I’m impressed with the DAC.
Source: Don’t laugh, I’m using a Panasonic UB900 4k Blu-Ray player. I’ve got a USB HDD connected to it for my music files & I use it for CDs.
In preperation for the Allo USBridge Sig arriving, I’m now using it as a CD transport coaxed into the amp. The difference is like night and day!

On my wish list: Audiobyte Hydra Vox DAC. And Hub if it ever gets released. I’ll have to save for a long time though :frowning:

Hi bud,

Welcome aboard and nice setup + plans! Love the enthusiasm :muscle:t4: Keep it up!