Hello again

I have started Volumio on Raspberry Pi and connected them to self made active speakers which are equiped with dsp and switching amplifiers. It sounds really good. Volumio is doing well, the only thing I am still struggling is the hot plug in.

So, I guess I need the forum. Thanks by the way for this really great help which I have got allready from all these experiences made by other Volumio users…

One more remark at this stage:
th2 ist my second user in tnis forum, thgj is my first one, but I forgot the password for the user thgj. When I ask during login for a new password, I am said I would get an email conveying the new password, but I never got any email. If an administrator of the forum reads this mail, I ask to delete of thgj or sending me a new password to th_jost@web.de. Thank you.

Kind regards