HDMI video out?

How do enable HDMI video out, so I can connect a HDMI 42 inch screen video screen?

Im using Volumio 2.041

many thanks

The PC version has it by default, for arm devices you need to download the kiosk plugin.
Depending on PI or Odroid (the ones I have used) you might need additional configuration.
Therefore it would help if you told us what platform you are running Volumio on.
PI, Odroid, Beaglebone, Cubox, Sparky or a PC?

– Gé –

Hi thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I’m using a Pi2

Volumio 2.041

I have enabled “touch Screen” plugin, hoping it will work.

Its installed correctly, but all I’m getting is command line text.

I was hoping I could boot to desktop via raspi-config. and then use a browser, but raspi-config doesn’t exist.

I welcome any suggestions…

many thanks


Well raspi-config would only cause harm, we have a dedicated Raspbian installation that would not work with it.
Ok, command line text does not look right, this seems a question for an up-to-day PI guy (I would have to dust a PI 3 here).

Looks like I’m not the only one

volumio.org/raspberry-pi-displa … ic-player/

Would be awesome just to get this hdmi output to a screen.

Sorry, search the forum, this has been covered a few times before with Waveshare and Odroid VU+ screens.
HDMI out should be similar.

I’ll have a look tomorrow. Might not need to dust one off Gé, but I will need to relocate :wink:

Well that was a helpful, you responded , telling me to search. I obviously couldn’t find what I needed hence I asked the question. :open_mouth:

No harm done, will try your situation and will give feedback (PI’s already been dusted :slight_smile: )
– Gé –

Still on my “to do” list too.

Edit: works fine on an Odroid C2

Edit 2: will have to wait until I move a RPi here

Edit 3: boots up fine on RPi2 here.

Reflash your SD card??

So are you saying you have a working hdmi out on a pi?

yep, don’t know about touchscreen etc. Just hooked it up to my monitor.

Please can you confirm what image you are using? Many thanks

2.041 on a RPi 2

Thanks is that hdmi out or rpi screen… ? Do you have touchscreen plug in enabled.?

It was simply attached to my normal PC monitor by hdmi. Yes, I had installed the plugin. I saw all the normal bootup messages, and then the Volumio UI appeared (it’s done with Chrome, I think). Have you tried reflashing your card?