HDMI output not working

Hi all, I have been using 1.55 for some time perfectly. I installed the latest version to try it out, but I do not get HDMI output. Everything appears to work fine, HDMI output selected (as per the old version) but no audio output no matter what file type. I have 2 SD cards, one with 1.55 and now another with the latest version. The old version works perfectly meaning it is not a hardware issue. As soon as I put the new version card into my Pi2, the interface works perfectly, playback starts, can see all files on my NAS, but no audio output. Is there some trick to getting the new version working with a standard Pi2 with HDMI output? I have simply selected “HDMI output” in the playback options. I’ve tried the last couple of updates with no change and no output. I am continuing to run the old 1.55 version for now but would love the new version as the interface is stunning.

We’re going to fix this!

Cool thanks very much :slight_smile:

I have downloaded the latest v2, but it doesn’t appear HDMI output is working. Is it still to be added or am I missing something? Thanks!