HDMI connector audio output does not work

**Hello, I don’t know if this is where I have to launch this query.
I have a raspberry pi 4 8GB, Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M, all of this installed in a RaspTouch RPI4 Black Chassis box, along with the original raspberry display connected to its Display DSI connector
I have Vistuoso, and I notice that the HDMI audio output is not activated, I contacted the Volumio technical service, and after many emails explaining my problem, the technician told me that having the screen connected to the DSI connector and the touch screen plugin, I can’t use the HDMI output of the raspberry PI.
I don’t understand the problem, if someone has the same problem, how has it been solved, or if it is possible.

when a DSI display is connected, the kernel disables and hides the HDMI outputs on Raspberry Pi.

this is something implemented by Raspberry Pi developers, there is nothing Volumio can do about it.

With an HDMI to MIPI DSI-2 adapter, and the touchpad controller to the Rapsberry Pi, could it be done?

no one know anything?

I can’t find any HDMI to MIPI DSI-2 adapter

I think nobody tried a HDMI to MIPI DSI-2 adapter… that’s why nobody replied to your request