Have the library case insensitive

Some artists like alt-J can sometimes be written Alt-J, which leads to 2 artist entries in Volumio, confusing some users in the process.

It would be easier to have only one entry, or to display the library based on Musicbrainz MBIDs, which would be even better, but would make a lot more work I guess (although having MBIDs would help maintain clean libraries).

Thanks for your tremendous work as always guys.


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Thanks for the suggestion, the congratulations and BTW, love Alt-J as well

:smiley: :smiley: yes please! I have the same problem with alt j… And some others with slightly wrong tags…

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Please, please, please, PLEASE have the library case insensitive! It is very frustrating to have the same artist show up multiple times with one album under the artist with “The” and “For” capitalized and another album under the same artist with “the” and “for” not capitalized and yet another album under the same artist with “For” capitalized and “the” not capitalized.

This is driving me insane, my library is full of duplicated albums, not just letters but even different “types” of apostrophes can give rise to duplicates.
I have opened the albums in mp3tag and ensured all the tags for an album are exactly the same.
It’s like volumio is getting information from a recycled bin, but I’ve deleted all recycled bins.
If I edit an albums title, on the next rescan I get the old spelling as one album and the new spelling as another (same contents). Where is it getting the old tag from after I’ve changed it?
Yes, I am updating and rescanning. Been on this for weeks now, if I rebuild the volumio machine will it solve this?
Can I FTP in and delete some sort of database?
My music is on a USB drive plugged into the router and shared/mounted.

+1 here.
Alice in Chains and Alice In Chains, etc…

Yes please. There’s too many ways to spell …(A|a)nd You Will Know Us (B|b)y (T|t)he Trail (O|o)f Dead :smile:

To add a bit more substance beyond the +1: Even after fixing the tags for the affected artists/albums (i.e. spelled consistenly now) and updating the library, Volumio still lists the old spelling, next to the new one, if nothing else has changed. Might be related to the file system; my library is mounted as a CIFS/SMB share. I could only get rid of the old versions by completely reimporting the library.

(v3.661, for what it’s worth)