HAT Driver Issue Still Open

Is this bug going to be fixed? Still present in 2.703. Have an IQAudio amp+ running thru simple equalizer plugin. Get no sound until I change device output to IQAudio DAC.


I have done further testing and this sw bug issue involves the Simple EQ pluggin and the IQAudio HAT drivers.

  1. IQAudioAmp+ plus equalizer plugging appears in Output Device and no sound is produced. Simple EQ pluggin is active.
   2. If you remove/uninstall Simple EQ pluggin while keeping IQAudioAmp+ as the Output Device sound is produced.
   3. If you leave Simple EQ pluggin active, turn on I2S DAC to ON, reboot, then IQAudioDAC appears in Output Device. Select IQAudioDAC and then sound is back ON and the Simple EQ pluggin is active and works fine.
   4. I have removed and reinstalled the Simple EQ pluggin and rebooted with no effect.
   5. Volumio 2.714 does not solve this issue. Issues 1-4 above still occur.

Hope this helps. TIA.

Volumio is the best,


I also have problems with Simple EQ plugin together with my Generic I2S DAC.

I could not make DAC working with plugin active, HW mixer is selected even if Generic I2S DAC does not support it.

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Best Regards
Frank Freik

Any update on this plugin sw bug? IQAudio still claims their driver hasnt changed.