Has anyone tried IR remote functions on RPI?

I was looking to see if something like a FLIR could work on a pie with Volumio. Haven’t found any concluding answers so far. Could it just work with USB? Only planning to introduce next/previous track. The rest I will need to open the app on my phone, but just skipping a track in a playlist would be great.

Not sure if it’s a complete answer to you question, but since you mention USB…
I have a Pro-ject pre box s2 digital, which comes with a RC. I can control Volumio via USB on Play/Pause and skipping tracks back and forward.

Have a search through the forums. There have been a number of posts over the last couple of years.

Tip : I prefer to do a Google search and append “site:volumio.org” to the end of the search term.

A flirc usb v2 just works out of the box for a few functions like play/pause, mute and next/previous song after you program the flirc for your remote.
You can add more functions by editing the default Triggerhappy config file (audio.conf).

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Don’t forget to reload triggerhappy after changing the config: sudo /etc/init.d/triggerhappy reload

That would be plenty for me. Do I need to program the FLIRC on the pi, or could I program it on my laptop? As far as I understood it, the “pairing” of the IR signal and keyboard function happens on the device it is connected to right? I would like to use my Mini DSP remote for this, I have 2 unused buttons that would be awesome for previous and next song.

So where would I program the FLIRC on a Raspberry pie? I have zero experience with that LMAO. I would need to connect a monitor to it, or can I do it remotely on my laptop, like I can with other things in Volumio.

I don’t even know what tirggerhappy means… Just googled it, and while I think the raspberry is very cool, and I might actually start fooling around with it in the future, right now I don’t really want to mess around with it at all. So that being said, is it feasible to get a FLIRC up and running in a few hours without any prior knowledge of raspberry UI/commands?

I know people hate these kinds of answers/questions, but at this moment I have other priorities in life :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You program the flirc on your laptop with your remote using the flirc app.
Then you plug in the flirc on the pi and it should immediately work on any recent Volumio release.
Should not take more than a couple of minutes, and you don’t have to log in on the pi if you don’t need to change the default triggerhappy audio.conf file.

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Awesome! Thank you for replying back :slight_smile:

Going to order one right away. Since I just switched to Qobuz from Tidal, just a few weeks before Tidal connect integration… this might be a very useful upgrade.

Thanks again!

Bought it and works like a charm. Setting it up was easy although the first time it didn’t pair all the buttons, but on my 2nd try all worked. Thanks for the help.

For anyone else finding this: anyone can do this, I am sure!

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