Hardware mixer volume control with SMSL Sanskrit 6th


I’m using Volumio on a RPi with an external SMSL Sanskrit 6th USB DAC, based on a Wolfson WM8740 (at least this is what I found searching on internet).
When using hardware mixer, volume control is not working.
I neither can control volume from alsamixer :

However, there are other DAC models using the same chip listed as having a working hardware mixer on the USB DAC compatibility list… Is there something I can do to get it working with mine?


Hi the hardware Volume is not dependent on the DAC chip itself, but from the USB receiver (and its software).
So unfortunately there is no way (apart from a firmware update of your DAC) you can enable it.

Oh, OK! :frowning:

Can you explain or point out how the HV is done ? Is it in the usb signal, is it done by a chip, as the usb is before the dac chip i assume the volume control is done before the dac ? so how ?