Hardware guide for volumio

Volumio 3 Hardware guide?

Hardware guide…
Hi everybody hop all of you are all right.
I want to build a volumio streamer.
My question is about hardware.
Which Raspberry pi 5 or Raspberry pi 4.
How many gb Ram do i need to run volumio.
I want to use 5" DSI screen that I already have.
Mainly I will be streaming Spotify.
Previously I made volumio streamer with Raspberry Pi 2 model b. But it does not support screen and Spotify plugin is connecting issue.
I want to upgrade in trouble free setup.
So please guide me.

rPi4 -2GB
Proper PSU, preferable linear one, 5.1V 3A

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Thank you :heart:

But better buy used. New one are in Hardware Version 1.5. Few old HAT’s has problems with this H.W.

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Hi. But it’s very hard to find used rp4 in my location there are non in used market.