Hangs on boot

Pi2, fresh 8gb card, tried with and without things plugged in … always hangs :frowning:

Sorry but I can’t see your images. Seems to be broken…please update.



Your system looks perfectly usable, control it via the web interface (volumio.local on Linux or iOs)
There is no GUI on Volumio.

There is a error message but I think it is ok. Volumio is not design to be used with connected screen/ keyboard /mouse. You have to connect to your Volumio device from a smartphone / computer or any device with a web browser. From a Win machine, type “http://volumio.local” to go to the webui and configure the system. For this first connection you have to be connected by ETHERNET (so that you can configure wifi).

I read in a tutorial it boots in audio player with gui … obviously wrong or outdated … :laughing:

Thank you :smiley:

no it isn’t wrong or outdated, it really boots with a player and the gui from a webbrowser :wink: