Hand-made streamer with nice OLED display

Here is my streamer based on an old Technics tape deck unit. DAC is a relatively cheap Innomaker HiFi DAC Hat, display is the classic Waveshare 4.3”, here in OLED version. I manually cut the front panel from a PVC sheet, 3mm thick, with a cutter: after a few tentatives, I managed to achieve straight cuts, and I’m rather happy with the end result. It’s not laser cut, but the cost is negligible.
The OLED display is amazing, bright colors, excellent quality. Soon I’ll start tweaking the “Now Playing” plugin for even richer screens. Thanks everyone in the community for inspiration and tips!


Great work!

Nice work!
I also plan to create something similar this year from a solid piece of wood (want to buy some exotic wood to make it look nicer). I have rpi4b and 7’ display which work very nicely.

ps. I also have that Innomaker HiFi Dac, it perfoms quite well in terms os price/quality.

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