Hallo aus Deutschland

Hi, my Name is Mobby. I’m verry interrestetd in configuring Pis for my Music and Medias. I have

  • a “SONOS”-DIY, where the Pi is integrated in a Lepai-amplifier, an this is mounted on a Teufel Theater One Centerspeaker. On this pi is only Squeezlite running

  • a Pi B with Hifiberry, connected on my QNAP-USB-Port only to listen to Music in my Home-Cinema ( www.keller-kino.de ). On this is volumio with picorplayer running.

  • a Pi B+ also with HifiBerry an my Yamaha S500 Amplifier connected to Heco Celan XT. This one is to listen “Hi-Res-Music”. This pi is integrated in a HIgh-end full aluminum chassis case. Also Volumio and picoreplayer

  • a Pi B connected to ASUS Xonar Essence One to listen with my AKG 701. On this one is “only” Squeezlit running

All this Pis get the Music from my QNAP 269, where Twonky and Logitech Media Server is running

At last, i have one pi in my Car, connected to an 500GB USB HDD and my Car-Receiver, controlled by my iPhone

The only reason, why I use squeezlite is the Multiroo-Funktion. I know, it shoud also work with the Volumio-App, but i use apple and android.
And I like Spotify in the squeezlit.

So, thats about me.