[Guide] Using MPDROID

For those using MPDROID client.
Starting from the last couple of releases, in order to display covers MPDROID needs a web server properly configured.
Because Volumio has already a web server running using nginix, all what is needed is to add the following lines in "/etc/nginix/nginix.conf

location ~ \.(gif|jpg|png)$ { root /mnt;
The code should be inserted at the end of the “server1 section”, just before the line:

} #end server1 section
In the configuration of MPDROID on the phone, in the “Cover art settings” tab, the field “Path to music” shoul be left empy.

This works on Volumio 1.5 installed on a Cubieboard2. In my case the music directory is a sub dir under /mnt/NAS.

Hope that this could help somebody.


Hi !
sorry but I’m using MPdroid and covers are displayed whitout doing anything. Do you means that this allow to upload covers from Volumio database instead the web ?

It worked for me too before the 1.07 release.
The wiki is at “https://github.com/abarisain/dmix/wiki/Album-Art-on-your-LAN

Thanks for posting this. I am using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi B+ and the music files (with album art) live on a NAS on my home network. How do I format the text to be added to the nginx.conf file in this case?

Okay, I kind of answered my own question – I have the same directory structure as mentioned in the OP, and made the appropriate changes to nginx.conf. However, MPDroid still cannot see the cover art. It seems to go through the motions of trying to load the images but then effectively fails to find any of them. Will have to keep poking around on this one.