[Guide] : Mounting NAS outside of Volumio

I ran into many issues when trying to mount my NAS via the Volumio interface (mostly around permissions), so I decided to mount from the OS instead. This proved to be much easier to control and easier to manage (at least for me).

I’m using a Raspberry Pi and mounting to a USB disk (WD Elements 3TB) which is plugged into an Apple Airport Extreme. I’ve set the Pi to have a static IP address and a wired connection.

Step 1 : ssh to your Volumio as the pi user (so we have easy write permission to the home dir)

ssh pi@IP Address of your machine


ssh pi@

and enter your pi user password. By default this is “raspberry” however you should think about changing this.

Step 2 : Create a script which mounts the NAS that we will run each time the Volumio machine (the RaspPi) is rebooted

cd $HOME
vi mountAudio.sh

and add the following : (I am mounting two different mounts one for my lossless audio, and one which is my iTunes folder). Change out the piUserPassword for the password of the pi user (“raspberry” unless you changed it), change out “nasUsernameHere” and “nasPasswordHere” for the username and password you use to connect to your disk. (if you don’t have a password, maybe it is time to start using one as you can never be too careful with security).

You also need to change out the IP of your Volumio with the example I’m using The path to your files on your NAS will be different too. You’ll need to know these and use them below. Don’t change the path to the mount point on your Volumio machine. i.e. “/mnt/NAS/” needs to stay as is, however anything under here is up to you. Be sure if you do change mount points (directories) under " /mnt/NAS/" that you also rename the directory where we do the mkdir command.

[code]# Mount Lossless Audio Mount Point
mkdir /mnt/NAS/Lossless
echo “piUserPassword” | sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/NAS/Lossless -o username=nasUsernameHere,password=nasPasswordHere,sec=ntlm

Mount iTunes Audio Mount Point

mkdir /mnt/NAS/iTunes
echo “piUserPassword” | sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/NAS/iTunes -o username=nasUsernameHere,password=nasPasswordHere,sec=ntlm[/code]
and save the file.

So for example, if :

this is what your mount command should look like :

# Mount Lossless Audio Mount Point mkdir /mnt/NAS/Lossless echo "raspberry" | sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/NAS/Lossless -o username=nasUser,password=letmein,sec=ntlm

all good?

Step 3 : Make the file executable

chmod 755 mountAudio.sh

Step 4 : Add a cron entry for the pi user to run the script each time the RaspPi is restarted

crontab -e

add this at the end of the file :

@reboot /home/pi/mountAudio.sh

and you are done… This works without issues for me and mounts both my Lossless audio and my iTunes folder. Volumio will then look into the /mnt/NAS directory and pick up your music.

Reboot the RaspPi and your audio will automatically mount and you can access your music with no problems…

sudo reboot

Hope this helps.


Since I have problem mounting NAS in volumio, then I follow your guidelines
NAS folder can be mounted successfully, however volumio doesn’t list any audio file in library after update library
Strange things, when I search certain songs, volumio can find it and list out the file
Any idea what could be wrong?