gui shows wrong information

If you use a upnp controlpoint configured to let the raspberry with volumio play a song, it would be a good idea to clear the display.
Since at the moment it works like this:
I play a netradio station using the Volumio GUI, which then does display this information.
I then stop playback.
Go to another machine, use a control point and drop a playlist to be played by the pi running volumio.
Problem is that remote volume adjustment works but Volumio still shows it’s playing the webradio station.
Perhaps it should detect being used from another control point and update the screen reflecting what’s going on.

funny … tried to compare why this only happens on Volumio and never on MoOde. Since both use upmpcli I think it must be something within Volumio simply not trying to update the display when a track gets played started by a control point. A pitty … since it reduces Volumio to be usefull in headless more only.

Anyone here with more knowledge about upmpcli?