GUI - Name of Device would be nice

I have VOLUMIO running on four different devices. They work multiroom but also as singleplayer, because not all family member like my heavy metal and prefer classic, country or Pop.
The problem is, if they are on the multiroom-GUI to select their music from the NAS or change the radiostation, it is difficult for them to identify the right VOLUMIO device.
Is it possible to have the actuell devicename on the GUI?
There seems to be enough space on the top just right from the play/stop/next button and left of the gear. Same layout as VOLUMIO on the left would be great.
This would help me a lot and prevent that others always switch of my music or turn it to classic “by accident”.

ALL Volumios device names where only displayed on the main page and that’s okay.
But after selecting on of them, the device name is missing on all the individual pages for network, playlist, database, mymusic, plugins etc.
May be it’s only me, but after a while, I forgot, which of all the devices I am customizing :confused:

on volumio/system menu, just give a name for your device
see how it looks like :

hi balbuze
thanks for the answer, but I did this already before.
The problem is that the active VOLUMIO is only marked by an very thin line and people do not look to the bottom of the GUI when they click the control buttons on the top of the screen.
I also tried different background colours and pictures, but if you select another device often the background is not loaded correctly, so everything looks the same.