Greetins fron Italy

Hi all
I’m Giovanni and writing from Turin, Italy.

My musical chioce is about rock, classic and new, but i love Pink Floyd.

Tree years ago i made a little system built by a Raspberry P2, PiFi DAC, Pre-amp stage TLE49990, headphone amp TPA6120A2 plus some other minor feature, power stage isolated and linear, one PIC to manage power and IR.
Volumio 1.55 as SO.
I’m very very satisfied, it’s solid as a rock and the sound is beautiful.
I use it every day to hear webradio and some track of my audio library (FLAC and sometime also HIDEF audio 192.24).
Was hard to implement also an LCD but with success, thanks also to the great community of developer and tester.

Now i would use an RP3 and un Hifiberry DAC+ PRO, connected on my HIFI.
More or less the same hw characteristic of before, only without headphones amp.
Volumio2 as SO.

HiFi system is homemade :
Amp very old MOS tecnology (one of my first project, more or less 15 years)
Satellite : Speaker TW Ribbon Philips (very old) + mid-woofer Peerless 13 cm
Sub : 2 woofer 25 cm in opposite phase horn loaded (yes a little fridge), self amp MOS class A, no glasses into the room…:slight_smile:

Good work to everybody

Hi Giovanni,

Welcome on board and nice projects you have there. Keep it up!