Greetings from the North Country

Canada that is.

Hey folks!

I was seeking out ideas to switch out my current streaming set up with a solid alternative. I’ve been running ROON ROCK on a bare bones Intel NUC (Core I7, 16 GB DDR4) for a couple of years. I now want to see what else is out there in the audio streaming world. I want to keep the NUC OS-less, i.e. no Windows and I’m a complete luddite when it comes to Linux. I knew about Volumio for a while and decided to now give it a real try.

I just finished loading Volumio onto a 250GB M.2 SSD and loaded into the NUC. It will run headless and I’ll just use the iOS app to access the local library and Qobuz. Everything seems to be set up okay and I’ll start testing various playback scenarios out soon.

Sure I could stick with ROON but the yearly sub is $$, lifetime even more $$$ and questionable longevity considering the Harman Kardon buyout. I’m willing to spend less money on another streamer software subscription option If needed. Volumio’s sub price seems reasonable and perhaps one day there can be a ‘lifetime’ option as well?

Rest of the system that the NUC pulls from and feeds to:

Synology NAS for audio libraries (FLAC, High-Res, MP3)
Bluesound Nodes
Eversolo DMP-A8

Would like to get YouTube Music and Amazon Music HD onto Volumio. I imagine via plugins which I haven’t explored yet.

I hope to participate in a lot of the discussions here as I learn the ins/outs of Volumio.

Thanks in advance for reading, offering any suggestions and shared experiences!

Hi and welcome.

Youtube plugin is already in the plugin store.
Amazone HD no ETA yet.

Thanks! I got the YouTube plug in installed, also Bandcamp which is great to have.

Only disappointment is can’t send audio to any Bluesound and the Eversolo. Only SONOS is detected by Volumio.

I’ll have to make a decision before 15 day trial is up whether I stick with Volumio or not.