Greetings from Switzerland

Greetings from Switzerland
I watch very carefully the Volumio project!
It pleases me very well.
I use a Rpi combined with a M2Tech HiFace Two and a Musical Fidelity V90-DAC. With in the chain are BAT VK3iX SE and a VK200.
Highres. Flacs sounds fantastic.
Unfortunately it is not yet usable with hires. Flacs, since the disturbances are unpleasant. But I’m curious to see how it goes.
So I wait for “HiFiBerry Digi”! With this it should be sounds better.
My interest is here!


Hi Rost!
Yeah there are still some problems with hi-res… the pi is what it is, but I’m confidend we will reach really good results!
Enjoy your music and welcome!