Greetings from Slovenija


I’m from Mediterranean coast (where lazy people live).

I possess a pair of Acoustic Research’s AR-10 Pi, a pair of B&W’s DM302, a small exotic and cheap German class A power amplifier (30 W RMS/channel @ 8 Ohms) from early/mid 80’ branded by Continental Handels and Kenwood KR-6340 receiver with integrated stereo/quadri amp of 80 W RMS/channel @ 8 Ohms) from 70’. Right now I’m buying another good old (vintage) integrated amp to marry my 10 Pis with.

I’m not fooling myself that I’ll be playing discs on turntable all of the time (yes, I’m lazy). That’s why I’ve started building my own all in one (DAC + player). At the moment I have RPi B+ already at home and I’m waiting for Sellarz Audio’s compact version of DAC with integrated clock & ULN regulator. Plan for this year (as a next step) is to build top performing DAC with passive I/V out (just like DDAC1794 or something else based on ESS9018).

All the best!