greetings from Rotterdam, the Netherlands!

My wife gave me a raspberry pi 3b+ as well as a 7" touchscreen for my b’day and I thought it would be nice to transform this into a media player that everyone can use. After doing some research I decided Volumio is the way to go, so yesterday I’ve installed it and it’s currently indexing my music collection.

In the next couple of days I’m going to try to get my bluetooth speaker to work with it (tips on how to accomplish this are much appreciated!) and hopefully it’ll be fully up and running this weekend.

Thanks for an awesome project!

hallo landgenoot, welkom op het volumio forum :smiley:

ik heb mezelf ook getrakteerd op een 7 inch scherm (zie foto)

by the way, volumio is nice software and the request for help here on the forum is also good.
keep it up volumio developers with this great software for music.

Rotterdam? Ik was er een week geleden nog, mooie stad!
Jongens, veel plezier op dit forum!
Vragen als er vragen zijn, de antwoorden komen vanzelf

Welkom aan boord mede Zuid-Hollander :slight_smile:

As said before, just ask what you need to know. Also, a lot of questions have already been asked, so it might be quicker to search the forum first. I’m sure you’ll get that BT speaker working in no time.